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There have been some complaints recently about the meme being "dead" or "inactive" and overloaded with spam.

We, as mods, have been bad about cleaning up the spam, but as requested, we have put aside our excuses, gone through, and cleaned out all the spam. Also, all requests and fills are currently indexed.

As for the place being dead, I would like to make a suggestion and reminder:

A suggested rule of etiquette for most memes of this nature is that for every 2 requests you make, you do a fill. When this meme started, people were really good about doing fills. The longer it has existed, the more requests there have been, while fills have not kept the same momentum. We have no way of knowing if it's the same people doing all the requesting and we're not trying to make any accusations. What we are asking is that if you're going to make a request and are in any way capable of filling something that someone has asked for, that you try to do do so. The requests are really piling up and the ratio is sometimes very discouraging. We've seen some requesters even specifically say that they will fill the request of anyone who will fill their request and then their request still goes unfilled.

No one here is trying to say that anyone is obligated to write anything, but we are trying to remind everyone how great it feels to have your request filled and ask that if it's something you are willing to try to fill, that you give it a shot.

We, as mods, have appreciated the activity here. This is a great fandom to be a part of and we have such a wonderful source media to work with. Enjoy your time on the meme. Keep requesting, keep writing, and keep loving Marble Hornets as much as you do, because that's what's really most important!

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