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Hello, I'm your Index Mod! I've been recruited to take on the belated task of indexing both filled and unfilled requests on the meme to make them easier to find!

Remember, anyone can fill a request more than once, but the unfilled requests should take priority over filled requests for obvious reasons.

If you notice any problems or any fics that have been filled that are in the unfilled section that I haven't gotten around to moving, please leave a comment here with "MH Kinkmeme Index" in the subject line and I'll get it fixed asap!

Index current as of 10 August 2014

everything in the index prior to 14 June 2014 links to LJ, including requests. It will take some time to update all of this and we aren't currently doing it because of other obligations.


  • Prompt: Alex wants Masky tied up for other reasons. J's reaction is author's choice. || Deluge

  • Prompt: Inspiration from this twitter update, but you can place it anywhere in the timeline you want!

    [Found something that makes me not want to go through the rest of these tapes. Headache. Laying down for now. Uploading it tomorrow.]

    J finds a tape (heavily distorted) that, upon closer inspection, contains questionable content between himself and his masked stalker. || Fill

  • Prompt: Humorous fanart or fanfic request: Found footage. I dare anyone to draw or write a short where Jay finds a tape that has the Operator doing a strip tease for the camera. || Smooth Operator (or "You Can Leave Your Tie On")

  • Prompt: JESSICA/AMY (unspecific) || fill

  • Prompt: Entry #18: The first time Jay encounters Masky. Was it a struggle that we heard? Or something else entirely? || Keeping Secrets

  • Prompt: Slends/Alex LADY GAGA'S JUDAS. Fill

  • Prompt: Tim/Brian. Dirtykinkywrong. I think Brian talking dirty would make this optimally uncomfortable. Go. || Fill. Additionally, an off site fill was linked.

  • Prompt: Tim/Jay. As Masky or not, doesn't matter. And...him not being too evil or mean? I guess I don't mind some antagonism, I'd just like to see something between these two that ISN'T non- or dub-con. || Fill

  • Prompt: totheark (Brian) x Masky (Tim) x Jay.
    What exactly happened after Jay went missing in Entry #19, and what took place during those three hours apart from what we see in Return? || Third Degree

  • Prompt: Jay x Alex
    Enter the tragic hero and his unattainable companion. || Fill? The fic presented is an offsite link, but the subject line says "tada" as though it was written for the requester. Further investigation needed. For now, this request is marked as filled.

  • Prompt: Alex and Tim in a relationship built on mutual batshit insanity. Jay walks in on them. || Until We Bleed

  • Prompt: Tim/Brian. That scene where Brian was supposed to be practicing lines with Tim? Let's say a practice session got funky in the car. because. Umf<3 || Unscripted

  • Prompt: Slendy/Masky. Whether under mind-control or not, I would just LOVE to see some Slendy x Masky up in here.|| Found You (Forever)

  • Prompt: alex/block of cement || You Are My Rock

  • Prompt: Alex/Jay. Entry #47. Angry, angry sexitiems. Jay bottoming? || Locked Out

  • Prompt: Alex and Jay end up on the run together. Hotel shenanigans, love/hate sex ensues. || Show Me Love (There is also a troll(?) fill, but keep scrolling and you'll find a legitimate fill)

  • Prompt: Q: Where does Jay get the money for all these motels and gas?
    A: Prostitution || Brief Reprieve

  • Prompt: What Jay didn't tell us was that after knocking Beardy unconscious, he raped him before killing him. Bonus points for him waking up halfway through and having to be knocked out again || The Breaking Point

  • Prompt: Alex/Jay fluff based on this cute pic of the boys (entirely work safe.) || Fill.

  • Prompt: Jay/Masky. After Jay sees the tape of Masky in his room at night, he wonders what the stranger's intentions are. This happens before Masky is revealed to be Tim. Sexy times with fellatio and the mask stays on. || Sweet Dreams

  • Prompt: Jay/Tim. hurt/comfort. After seeing the horrible things Alex has done to Tim, like stabbing him and breaking his leg with a brick of concrete, and how Tim might be following Jay around saving him and guiding him in the right direction... I started to ship it. || Who's the real enemy?

  • Prompt: Brian/Tim, post #52 domestic fluff/comfort
    Going along with the assumption that Brian is Hoodie, of course.

    Tim seems to be leading a fairly normal life at the moment if #52 is anything to go by, and I just really love the idea of him and Brian living together, being all sweet and domestic and stuff.

    Of course, they still have issues. Slender-PTSD and all that. Maybe one of them has a breakdown and the other comforts them.

    Smut is not necessary at all! I think we all just need some fluff.
    || Hope Towards the Future

  • Prompt: Entry 45. Masky and Hoodie double-teaming Alex before being scared off. Preferably with asphyxiation included. || Entry 45

  • Prompt: Tentacles. Lets get one of slender man tentacle raping masky! || A Game of Pursuit

  • Prompt: Slendy fanservice. Oneshot of Slendy being sexy. || Fill

  • Prompt: Alex/Operator. NO NONCON. || art fill || Fading Wishes (Slendy-induced consent, includes Jay.)

  • Prompt: Old School Human Courtship Rituals. Slender Man doing the whole romantic flowers-and-chocolate bullshit to try to get to Tim... Bonus points if Slendy doesn't understand SHIT and ends up being a total creep. || Fill

  • Prompt: Any characters, any pairing, any genre (angst, crack, whatever), as long as you include the phrase:

    "I did it for you. I did it all for you."

    You can change the punctuation (add exclamations marks, for example) but the quote should be in there somewhere. || All for Him

  • Prompt: somebody, preferably Slendy, saying: "Come, Masky, to the Slender-mobile!" || Fill, art fill fanservice from author

  • Prompt: Suicide Mission!Jay, Reluctant Rescuer!Tim
    Basically, after the events of Entry #59, Tim's rant really hit home: Jay is feeling shitty about how he's been acting and also pretty low because Tim was the only human contact he's had for months and now he's lost that too.

    All this spurs Jay to take action. He decides once and for all to try and fix things by going out and doing something drastic. After all, what does he have to lose? What exactly he ends up doing is up to you. Maybe he decides to actively seek out one of our antagonists? Does he go back to the tunnel to track down Hoody? Bait Alex? Deliberately attempt to summon the Operator? Maybe he traces where the totheark account is posting from and sets off to find him/them?

    Anyway, Jay announces his intentions online, heads off and isn't heard from again (despite promising to his followers he would let them know he was safe?). After initially ignoring Jay's disappearance, Tim, against his better instincts decides to go and find Jay. Cue a dramatic rescue?

    Can be shippy or not, any rating, I honestly don't mind. Feel free to change some details if necessary. Bonus if Tim points out that it's the second time he's saved Jay's ass. :) || To Forget and Forgive

  • Prompt: Someone -- Alex, Tim/the Masked Man, idk -- gets Jay off, even though he doesn't want it. At all. Frottage. Handjobs. Just no penetration, please. || The Price of Envy

  • Prompt: Empathic Voyeurism. What I have in mind here is:

    Jay, stressed out from everything, ends up hooking up with some random person in a bar. They have sex. But, the Operator has empathic emotion-sensing abilities or whatever, and ends up getting off on it. No actual masturbation. Thanks. || Indulgent Desire

  • Prompt: TimxJay. Sometime after Entry #54, something happens to Tim that causes him to remember everything that has happened, and everything that he has done, like becoming Masky and stalking Jay among other things. He meets up with Jay, a wreck, desperate, even going as far as begging Jay to kill him, he would rather be dead than go through it any longer. Jay tries his best to comfort him. || All Apologies

  • Prompt: Jay/Jessica. Jay cries after orgasms and has a clingy need to cuddle. Jessica is very okay with both these things. Bonus points for awkward!stuttering!Jay dialogue, as his dorkiness is his most adorable quality. || In which everybody gets emotional and dramatic

  • Prompt: So, there are two ways this request can go. 1) The "fight" between Jay and the Operator in Entry 52 was awfully blurry and distorted. What exactly was the Operator doing to Jay? (slash VERY encouraged. Tentacles as well.)

    2) Jay has quickly become one of the Operator's favorite play-things. For seven months, He played with Jay and Alex, messing with their emotions, manipulating them. Once He has Jay cornered in his hotel room, He decides that, rather than kill Jay or do whatever He does to His victims, He wants to do it all again and erases the 7 months from Jay's memory. What would He do differently this time? If there is some slash, would the Operator be visiting Jay while Jay is hotel hopping and uploading the entries from season 2 and then erasing those memories as well? || fill

  • Prompt: Jay/Slenderdoll - Since the fandom now created this crack pairing, I want to see fics of it, let it be funny, fluffy or just plain porn. || Because of a little doll (It says 1/2 in the post, but it appears to be a 1/1 that never had a part 2. OP came back and commented on it and no more has been written, it seems finished. Considering it filled.)

  • Prompt Undermount sinks are the most popular with granite, marble, & corian countertops. || A fill for my favourite spambot

  • Prompt:
  • Slenderman/Alex fluff. All Slendy has ever wanted was to have a human as a pet - because humans are super cute, and Alex, in particular, is absolutely adorable in his eyes. It's not his fault that Alex is always trying to escape and accidentally hurting himself whenever Slendy tries to give him a hug. || Pet Human

  • i require at least an ocean's worth of brainbleach but it was truly worth it... || Proxy (probably a misfire comment, but it was filled as a request)

  • pay attention to video recording on the web spare real...(A spam comment that was very long) || How to become a youtube sensation


Fics written but not requested?

  • A wonderful author anon wrote a fic in response to a couple of prompts and decided to share. This doesn't correspond to a specific prompt, but maybe was inspired by a couple of different ones?

  • A Moment Alone
    This is a story about Protective!Masky and Jay that I've been working on and it seemed to fill in a couple different memes that were posted a couple months ago. Also, Jay doesn't know that Masky is Tim. They just didn't pull the mask off Masky in entry 35.

  • Found Something: found something nice. just so this place won't be so depressingly bare...